How to apply

Please note; the Seed Money Facility will not provide co-financing for EUSBSR seed money projects in the future. EUSBSR seed money will be part of Interreg Baltic Sea Region.

The seed money application procedure consists of two steps. First, applicants have to seek support from the relevant Priority Area Coordinators/Horizontal Action leaders (please see also point 2 below). Once the applicants have received the letter of support, applications can be submitted to the EUSBSR Seed Money Secretariat. When submitting an application all documents are required only in a digital form. The paper versions will be requested in case of approval. All rules are laid out in detail in the Seed Money Facility Manual.The applicants need to submit: 

(1) A filled in electronic application form (pdf format)

(2) A letter of support from the Priority Area Coordinator/Horizontal Action Leader
In order to be eligible for funding, every seed money project has to submit a letter of support from the responsible Priority Area Coordinator (PAC)/Horizontal Action Leader (HAL). The PAC/HAL shall confirm that the project contributes to the respective priority area of the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy. Therefore, before submitting any application, please contact the PAC/HAL who is responsible for the respective project’s priority area or horizontal action to obtain support for the idea. The contact details of all PACs and HALs can be found at

(3) Partner declarations (scanned) for all partners participating in the project (including lead partner).


In order to prepare documents for the financial decisions, the Facility published cut off dates, by which applications have to be submitted first to the PACs/HALs for the evaluation of the thematic relevance and later to the EUSBSR Seed Money Secretariat. These dates are published on the Facility website News section.

The most important reference document to accompany the seed money project preparation and implementation is the Seed Money Facility Manual. Project partners will find answers to most of the questions in the manual – please refer to it before contacting the Seed Money Facility Secretariat.  The manual is regularly updated by the Seed Money Facility Secretariat. Make sure you have the latest version.